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What If You Could Design Your Own Perfect Outdoor Garden Living Space Over A Long Weekend?

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A live, online workshop to help homeowners understand how to get clear on their desires and bring their best ideas into a garden masterplan for their perfect outdoor living space.
A workshop for homeowners on how to get clear on their desires and bring their best ideas into a garden masterplan for their perfect outdoor living space.

"From identifying your garden foundations to bringing your best design ideas together"

By the end of our time together you’ll know the essential steps for designing your Garden Plan, so you can finally stop thinking about creating your perfect outdoor living space and start making it real!
We did it!

Hi there! I'm Ed. :-)

If you're new to me... I've run my own Landscape Architecture firm in California, USA for over 10 years. I've worked up in the mountains, down in the central valley, out in the desert, and along the coast. It's meant getting to explore design solutions in all sorts of climates and settings.

And while that all sounds magical (which it is!), staying profitable while working across such a wide range meant figuring out how to reliably come up with designs that work regardless of the setting- which meant going beyond the copy-paste approach that a lot of local designers and firms fall into.


I started to see that there were a few key elements that had to be taken into account no matter where I was working or what sort of design the client wanted.

Once I got clear on the few things that truly mattered to make a garden space successful I got so excited I started talking with people about it- and discovered a love for teaching people to create their own garden living spaces.

Now I've distilled these essential elements (and what to do with them) into this live online workshop so that I can share them directly with you!

This workshop works. But don’t take it from us. Here’s what some of our previous students say:

"I'm just blown away... this has far, far exceeded my expectations." - Sam K. Hawaii
"...I was impressed by the amount of valuable information." - Yuliya B.
New Jersey
"I think that you aren't charging enough for the course." - Tore J. Washington





A workshop for homeowners to get clear on what they want and the space they have, to explore ideas, and to bring the best ideas together into one drawing of their perfect garden living space.
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